Back to Civilization

It has been a big change for Ron and me. Moving from pure mountain isolization into the hub-bub of resort mountain life. We went from literally spending every second together over the winter to sharing a drowsy 3hr block of time in the middle of the day. I work mornings....4:30am, even being a "morning person" I find this too early. Ron works nights, usually getting home while I am brushing my teeth for bed, accept for the 2 nights he is just crawling into bed as my alarm goes off to start my day.

After a long winter of eating every meal together, going to work together, brushing your teeth at the same time, having no one else to hang out with, you grow VERY dependent on each other. Not that this is healthy, but it becomes all you know, and healthy or not we LOVED it!

Currently we both do transportation for Vail Resorts at their Beaver Creek location. The Beaver Creek slogan is "Not exactly roughing it". . . needless to say it is drastically different than being snowed in @ MGH.

We are both still getting acclimated to our new surroundings. We do enjoy being able to walk to the Post Office in a manner of minutes rather than hours, eating fresh foods and going out and purchasing whatever you crave at the moment you crave it.

Ron found the Indian Peaks were we spent a weekend because Ron thought it most resembled Glacier. We have been having a hard time feeling motivated to go out and hike. We compare everything to Many Glacier, but nothing compares.