Rivers and caves and ruins, good-bye!

Our next adventure was spending 8 hours in a minibus to Semuc Champey!

Here is Jessie by the river outside our hostel. We met Nichola Cagey and Travis there and they will have pictures of us swimming through the Las Marias caves with candles. Good times.
There were a little troop of cutter ants outside our dorm, they were hard at work!This is the Traditional Breakfast, eggs and beans, tortilla and fried plantains! Yummy!We bought quite a few of these rounds of homemade chocolate from the little kids outside our hostel. They came in cinnamon, anis, cardamon and vanilla. When we got to Antigua we hiked up Pacaya, one of the 3 active volcanoes near town.This is us with a river of lava! We also roasted a marshmellow over the hot lava!In Antigua´s Central Park there is my favorite fountain, Our Lady of Perpetual Lactation.The Chicken buses were all decked out with chrome and spinner hubcaps. There was a live nativity scene complete with wisemen on horseback and a live baby Jesus.There are so many gorgeous Spanish-style churches! Many are in ruins from the earthquakes.
We randomly became part of a parade of kids dressed up like old people dancing through town.
This is the ruin of Saint Hermano Pedro´s home church, he died in 1667 and was given sainthood by John Paul II in 2002 for his healing work. He is always pictured with a bell.

It´s Monday night and we´re mostly packed up and ready to head to the airport in the morning. We´ll be sure to post our favorite pictures when we get home ! Thanks for joining us on our trip.

Adrienne and Jessie

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