Change of Plans

We took a 20ft skiff for 2.5 hours out to the atoll. We were smushed in with all the supplies for the island. I absolutely enjoyed the boat ride. The one home was even better due to choppy seas. Adrienne disagrees...she does not have a water horoscope sign.

Adrienne and I ended up on a Caribbean island with 6 other people...oops. We signed up for an entire week at Glover's Atoll. It is a tiny island very far from the main land that a family owns. It is not a resort. We brought all our own food for the week. We can sign up for snorkeling, scuba, fishing, kayaking, meals....the works.

Adrienne scuba diving

They use rain water and have composting toilets. We cook with butane.

Conch Shell faucet

We have been snorkeling 3 times a day, everyday. Adrienne had been scuba diving. She is currently on a night dive. We have been hanging out with Carol and Erik (our surrogate parents from Alaska). Carol, Erik and I went deep sea fishing and caught dinner. It took both Carol and I to reel up 700ft of line with a few fish on it.

The shallow waters inside the atoll with our stormy skies.
While Fishing we saw a water spout (very far away) which is a tornado on the water...very neat.

This Eric and Carol (Warren the 17yr old son of the family who owns the island in the back) and some of the Snapper we caught for dinner. Eric and Carol whipped up some delicious curry & rice dish for us.

It got rainy and cloudy the last 2 days of our stay so we found other ways to entertain ourselves. That is as high up the tree I got, Moguli makes it looks so easy.

It was a Sunday to Sunday adventure on the island and then we are headed west towards the boarder of Guatemala.

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  1. Ron and Jessie,

    How can I get a hold of you to talk about Many Glacier. My grandparents, Arne and Nettie Sorkness lived at Many Glacier - in the same cabin you two did - from the fall of 1924 to about 1930/31 - year round. Arne was the location engineer and winter caretaker there during those years. (My grandmother's brother, Otto Thompson, was the Chief Engineer for the Glacier Park Hotel Company from 1919 to 1929.)My dad - Jerry Sorkness, born in 1925 - spent the first five years of his life at Many Glacier. In 1931, the Sorkness moved over to Lake McDonald where Arne was the location engineer and winter caretaker there until the Park closed for the War. Anyway, I would like to talk to you about your experiences at Many Glacier during the winter. I am writing a somewhat fictionalized account of my grandparent's lives in the Park and would like to gain some insight to the life there. I have only bits and pieces of their experiences there - some things you might find interestind.

    Tom Sorkness
    Wyndmoor, PA