Sisterly Soiree

My big sister Adrienne and I have a 3 week trip planned to Belize and Guatemala. We leave in a week!

Blue Hole - Belize

Belize is first. Beach, snorkel, swim, sand and maybe some rum. Belize is known for it's caves and jaguars, both of which are on our "to do" list.


Guatemala is known for it's volcanoes and brightly colored woven textiles.


Tikal in northern Guatemala is famous for the mayan ruins.
Tikal - Guatemala

We are still working out an itinerary. We are starting in Belize and working our way to Antigua, Gua where we fly home from. We plan to do the budget tourist trail of things : ruins, snorkel, volcano, cave tubing, jaguar reserve....

If anyone has any suggestions please share.

Adrienne and I will update the blog as we go when we get the chance.


  1. Beautiful pictures. Da and I will put your blog back on our morning to-do list while you girls are gone. Wish we were joining you!

  2. Ooh! Sister- I have just discovered that they have a new way to explore the reef. It's a SCUBA/snorkel combo called, SNUBA! HA! Sounds fun! I think you should also post a pix of Garifuna Settlment Day. I'm so excited!!! Momma, I wish you were coming too!

  3. I came across this page by googleing Belize and your site appeared. It is very inspiring and confuses me even more! I have been thinking/planning on going to Europe or South America for quite sometime and I am still wondering on the best places to travel. Recently, I have been looking into organic farming in different countries around the world but don't know where I should go. I have a deep passion for traveling and would like to hear a little advice from you two if you would not mind. I am wondering your favorite places?